An Open Letter to My College Professor

Open Letter To My College Professor

Oftentimes, students write open letters to their teachers and/or professors. These papers are intended for a wide audience or an individual. In our case, you write to a single educator who is your college or university professor. You ought to take this matter seriously because an educated person will read it. Therefore, you should give special heed to your grammar, smoothness, and readability. Don’t try to overdo and write too complex sentences and words. Write as plainly as possible so that even a child could understand what you mean.

For example, you may use to be 100% confident that your open letter is free of all kinds of mistakes. Its experts have approved masters of the word and will scan the text to define any grammar, spelling, structural, lexical, and other kinds of mistakes. They even write explanations about why this or that part is a mistake or sounds inappropriate. Excellent writers may teach you a lot of helpful tips and tricks to improve your writing skills and impress your professor or/and teacher. Don’t forget about special checking applications, which instantly revise texts and likewise provide clarifications and correct variants.

The next step is to choose a solid topic. It’s supposed to be meaningful and focus on a relevant problem, which can solve some issues in the classroom or teach students to handle some typical complications related to their learning. Let’s imagine you’ve chosen the following topic – The Usefulness of Windows 10 Education for Students.

It’s a pretty broad topic, which can focus on different issues. Think about what might be interesting for most students and try to describe it. As you’re a student yourself and use Windows 10, it won’t be too difficult. Write from your own experience and this task will be quite easy.


Things to Consider

Even if your topic is relevant and your grammar is correct, you should remain attentive. There are things you may probably miss and thus, make your text irrelevant. Firstly, begin with an apology for taking the time of your educator. Secondly, introduce your topic. Begin with an anecdote, rhetoric question, etc. You should tell the readers about yourself. Remind who you are and mention your achievements during the semester. Perhaps you were very active during every class and your professor will remember even the desk you’re seated by.

Thirdly, state a clear thesis statement. It should plainly clarify the purpose of your letter. Fourthly, write an informative body. You’ll have at least three paragraphs and each should cover one point at a time. These may be:

  • Speak about what Windows 10 is.
  • Use examples, which show how the program can benefit students.
  • Cover the main impediments that don’t allow some students to use this operating system effectively.

Afterward, write a conclusion. Thank your educator for his/her time and attention. Restate your thesis once again and remind him/her of the usefulness of education. Finish with your signature and wait for the response of your professor/teacher.

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