An Inspiration in Everything I see


This picture means so much to me for a few reasons. When you look at it, there are several different meanings that I’ve found.

1. No matter what color, size, sex, shape you are, you all can see the same things. The glasses represent a pair of eyes and the city represents what you view the world as.

2. If you open your eyes, a world of wonder awaits for you. The beauty, horror, depression, adventure and so much more all compose the mysteries of life.

3. If you wait around for something spectacular to happen in your life, chances are it wont. You have to make it happen. You can accomplish anything with just a single step. Everything in this world was created by normal people, you can do the same.

4. Experience things in a new perspective. Nothing is ever the same every time around. You can find something new each time you analyze something. Use your mind and your intelligence to open up a new world.


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