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Always Find Out Who Stays Next To You

Always Find Out Who Stays Next To You

Bad company will always harm you. There are people who will undermine your dreams. They predict your doom. They criticize loudly what they don’t understand in life. Remember what Cynthia Occelli added to that? “They are telling you their story, not yours.”

Who wants to live a life when scorpions surround us? Oh, it’s scary, right? Did you ever hear the Animal Parable Of The Scorpion and the Frog, that seems to have first emerged in 1954? Here it is: “A scorpion enlisted a frog to take him on his back across a stream, even though the frog was astute enough to protest that the scorpion “will sting me and I will die. “The scorpion pointed out that if he stings the frog, he will die too. The trusting frog thus take on his passenger and halfway across the river, the Frog suddenly felt a very sharp sting in his back a deadening numbness began to creep into his limbs. And the two creatures drown together. But before the frog drown, he asked, “Why did you sting me, Mr. Scorpion, even though it costs us both our lives? The Scorpion shrugged and did a little jig on the drowning frog’s back- then replied, “I couldn’t help myself. It is my nature to do so.” The reply indicates that what is underlying cruelty will never change- ever!

Yes, it is not the Scorpion’s fault. It is that of its nature. It is an intrinsic habit that Scorpion have to sting. Now, may I ask you…who among you wants to live next to a scorpion? I know, all of you want to be surrounded by people you love and just feel the amazing excitement they will give. People are important in your life but always find out who stays next to you. Don’t always trust the people who smile constantly when you meet them accidentally along the subway, you never know whether they frown too much on you behind your back. Happiness is not just living a life but with who you live a life with. Stay with people who share positive values. Bad company will always harm you. There are people who will undermine your dreams and predict your doom. They criticize you so badly. And yes, being criticized in the worst way can be the toughest thing but always remember what Cynthia Occelli added to that? They are telling you their story, not yours. People will always throw stones on your way. Get your goat. Don’t let people distract you from your happy life. Spend your time with people who loves you and focus on those who believes you. Always, always know the company you keep and ignore the negative people so you can be all that life offers you.

This parable teaches you how to use your wisdom- to know what is right and wrong. What is good and evil. It reminds you that what is bad will result you with something worst. Temptation will always be a part of life. And the next time you are torn between being tempted and not, always remember the lesson from the Fable of the Scorpion and Frog. Well, it’s your life to live but remind yourself that happiness is not the path you travel but with who you travel the path with. You live in this very short life and you’d rather live it with happiness each moment- everyday! Stay happy with positive people and those who never harm you. Start loving those critics who are very kind and fair.

Do these with the right people next to you: Carry on. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy. Love.



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