Always a tough one, The situation of three.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Always a tough one,
The situation of three.
Didn’t matter which two won,
The other one will always 

be left with misery


Erna Duspara 

Happily ever after…
was not how this story ended.
My once upon a time….
with the one true love of mine,

 is now a chapter surrendered.
My forever is never…
I feel so deeply betrayed.
This pain is so real.
You have no idea how I feel.
Trapped in the scissor’s blade


Shibatosh Kar 

You both pull closer,
Until you two become one.
And at a distance,
My world falls apart,
Before my eyes.
Leaving me broken,
And cutting me in half.


Iraïda Melendez 

In relationships, 
When you don’t take action 
you will get caught in situations 
that will end up hurting someone.


Samarth Singh 

The more they get closer, 
the more I get closer .. 
not to them but to my loneliness


Tamira Julian Treadaway 

Cut out of the picture.

Mhutien Mha Rie 

In a relationship,
there is someone you left behind

Demetris Eva 

Love has casualties too.

Carol Vincent

Don’t just stand there! 
Move on!

Karthik Parthasarathy 

When I saw you, I fell for you,
In my heart, my love felt true
Never thought about the collateral damage,
Always thought I could manage.

Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 

The lone catalyst
Cut off by your tryst
The sole witness
The glue that bound you both
Has left me alone henceforth

Hrisha Paul 

the strongest force ever.
Can lead someone to life, 

and someone to death.

Debra Pry 

In love,
The first cut is the deepest.

Rachel Grubb 

Your love cuts right through me.

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