Affirmation Of Actions With Words? – Wise Pick

Affirmation Of Actions With Words? - Wise Pick

Wise Pick
Here’s a question from Enaj Yram, which actually made me think.
Your thoughts on this ?

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  1. My thoughts as well, since some are in your life n assume what they assume, but then u find out that you were wrong. I was told by one, I assume too much, so I need the actions n the words n the presence of another n a touch of a hand or kiss or hug with all the actions would oh so comfort me.

  2. I totally agree. Sometimes it's best to just tell someone you are proud of them instead of having that person guess how you are feeling. You avoid confusion when you just say it. We all need kind words to boost our selves.

  3. i agree, the intentions are good,
    but still affirmation from the person concern can make a big difference between them…
    Expressing oneself to each other will be much easier cause both will know where they stand. It's really hard to be assuming regardless how good their intentions are. It doesn't really have to say the 3 words just a simple affirmation is good enough.
    just saying…

  4. Practically speaking it might seem apparently true and even indispensable, so as to avoid misunderstandings. But on a second thought, NO general rules can be set for all relationships. Clarity and transparency of action is needed with everyone in this world to ensure avoidance of assumed complexities, no loop holes need to be left if one wishes his or her point to be made clear…YET in certain bonds that are nourished by trust and genuine emotions, especially the ones in which two people amply know and understand each other, in such deep and mature bonds, subtle gestures suffice to say it all! Actions, either massive or tiny, would strengthen such lovely bonds! For more superficial or professional interactions, definitely actions SHOULD be able to depict the intention in due proportion!!

  5. I find that telling someone you are proud of them or they are doing a great job, is a great way to boost self image. We all need people in our life to give us support. Even in the smallest areas might be big to others.

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