Actual meaning of maturity

I don’t know the actual meaning of maturity but for me, maturity is when a person hurts you and you try to understand their situation rather than hurting them back.

Act mature, Hurting back is and will never be a solution.


  1. Idealistically right thing to do……but honestly i feel we should not allow any person to repeat it as first time is ignorance or a mistake and next time is a choice !…… But it does not mean I hurt them back as i don't want to be same as them ,but I move away from such people instead of spending my energy and time to understand the situation 🙂

  2. True, even when that person is a supervisor, Director, Assistant Director, Principal, Assistant Principal. If you keep on breathing, you find they ALL did you a favor. In their persecution, they actually gave you freedom and so hurting them unnecessary. They continue to hurt and I continue to do more than enjoy my freedom. All due to them. Time. Perspective. Courage. Breathing continuously. Thank you to them all. FrEeDoM is sWeEt! I no longer feel hurt by their actions any longer. My understanding is only my perspective as to why they chose to hurt others, know I have never thought to do it, even though I have been hurt. There must be some other description above being mature.

  3. For me maturity mean not understanding others, but yourself first. Once you do. Once you know yourself you can better understand the reactions be others. Now your response to their actions will be more of a mirror to what they do. If they are nasty, you move away. If they are indifferent, you don't push. If they are kind, you appreciate. If they are loving, you love them back. But a person who has not spent time with himself, not analyzed and studied himself…. will not have that calmness to be a mirror. He will just respond out of his own projection. His inner distractions and disturbance will not allow outer understanding of people to happen spontaneously. Without judgement. Without past affecting it. If he his hurt, no matter how loving a person is he will hurt back. If he is angry…no matter how patient other person is, he will be angry at him, without provocation. If he is miserable, he will make the most happy person miserable. So. It all begins and ends with us. We create our world. We choose . If we know ourselves, we will be fully awake and aware in participating of the creation of our world. We will live in total spontaneity and freshness Otherwise we are just robots, responding from memories and past, with so self awareness to help us reflect and then react as a mirror.


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