Accurate Monthly Horoscope November 2022 : Predictions For The 12 Zodiac Signs


November Monthly Horoscope

Are you still reeling from the energetic shifts that began in October? Your November monthly horoscope will bring the answers that you were looking for!

With a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus on 8th November, cycles that started way back in April or May will come to a culmination point with significant revelations, epiphanies, and breakthroughs. Pay close attention to your inner dialogues and desires.

Once we move into the Sagittarius season, we will feel more empowered and confident about our choices, dreams, and paths. We will discover insights into the things that happened to us in the last month and we will be able to move ahead with more clarity and determination.

According to the November 2022 horoscope for the collective, we will find the self-confidence and self-compassion that we had lost due to overwhelming external circumstances in the past month. Be ready for some abrupt endings as well as some new beginnings.

Now, let’s take a look at your November Horoscope and see how all these astrological phenomena are going to affect your life in this month, according to your zodiac sign.

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November Monthly Horoscope 2022 For 12 Zodiac Signs

Here is the November 2022 Monthly Horoscope for each star sign:

1. Aries Monthly Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Aries, this month might test your patience in ways you couldn’t have imagined. There will be sudden disruptions, delays, and changes in your daily plans and routine.

Although the stress that you were in regarding your work or business will gradually go away, some lingering tension will be there till November 17th. Embrace the changes and maintain a positive outlook on life.


It will help your relationships a great deal if you can take some time off and go for a vacation with your partner or even a quiet solo retreat. You need a time-out from all the upheavals that are going on in your life and get some clarity. 


As per your monthly horoscope, this month will ask you to reexamine your relationship with money. A sudden ending of a financial situation or partnership might send you off a tailspin, but take it as a sign.

The way we earn, spend, save, or invest, all are energetic transactions and you might need to adopt a healthier approach in this respect. Are you putting off your dreams by being stingy or spending too much? Are you trusting others blindly with your resources?

2. Taurus Monthly Horoscope (April 20 – May 20)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Taurus, this can be a month of growth pain for you. You have been introspecting a lot, working hard on yourself, and identifying unhealthy patterns in your life. All these would definitely lead to positive changes and new beginnings, but before that, you have to shed some more old skin.

Monthly Horoscope: Let go of the past to receive new gifts!
Monthly Horoscope


Your relationships will be the most important theme this month. If you are having trouble with some loved ones, nurture and heal these bonds, but not at the cost of your authenticity. Brace yourself for the end of a toxic relationship. Mourn for the loss but move on as you’ll have healthier ones coming your way soon. 


You will approach your career with newfound wisdom and focus. Once you will release the “woulda coulda shoulda”s, you will relieve yourself from the need to pretend and this will lead you to smarter choices and wonderful results regarding your work and money.

3. Gemini Monthly Horoscope (May 21 – June 20)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Gemini, you’ll have to trust your abilities and intuition if you want to survive this month. It will be important for you to understand your emotions and beliefs clearly so that you can perceive others’ opinions as a reflection of their inner conflicts and don’t internalize what they project onto you.


Once you sort out your priorities and gain some clarity and focus, your attention will be on nurturing your relationships with your loved ones. They will need a lot of care, time, and love from you, and if you can fulfill their justified needs, you will secure a future with successful and long-lasting ties.


You have to identify projects that need to be completed on a priority basis. Chances are you will uncover important information and facts that will help you take time-critical decisions. Make sure you don’t get triggered by the behavior of other people and don’t let your emotions get in the way of your growth and success. 

4. Cancer Monthly Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Cancer, accepting disappointments and finding a way to work through them will be vital for you. Your relationships as well as your job will demand your attention and time. You will be able to fulfill these responsibilities only if you don’t let external situations and toxic people take the control of your life. 


Your intimate and familial relationships will be thriving provided you tend to them with love and care. You might get let down or shocked by a sudden change in your friends. But don’t let your sadness hold you back. Expect to receive good news regarding a new collaboration or partnership offer.


You might feel tempted to overbook yourself and get immersed in work as a healthy survival strategy when certain things go wrong in your social circle. But, ensure that you’re not spreading yourself too thin and heading to burnout. Setting realistic and achievable goals will help you in your career.

5. Leo Monthly Horoscope (July 23 – August 22)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Leo, this has been a year with massive ups and downs, and all the energetic changes that occurred this year will come to a climax this month. You might have to take a life-altering decision regarding your career and your most important relationship. The secret is to follow your gut and be true to yourself.


With the beginning of the Sag season in the middle of the month, you will find yourself enjoying life and being genuinely happy. As a result, you will have a great time with your loved ones and all your relationships will flourish naturally. Healing your inner child will help you forge or repair an important connection.


Follow your heart and pour your time and energy into any work or project that you’re passionate about. You’ll get enough signs and synchronicities that will guide your work life. Do what feels authentic to you, but detach your self-worth from the outcome. A creative career path might open up and offer you the satisfaction that you’ve been searching for!

6. Virgo Monthly Horoscope (August 23 – September 22)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Virgo, you will realize that failures and setbacks don’t mean you have wasted your time and resources. You have learned from all your mistakes and these defeats have made you stronger and wiser.

So, don’t let your self-critical nature or the judgment of other people get you bogged down. Introspect how your upbringing has influenced your adult life choices and you’ll unearth vital insights that will help you in your journey. 


You need some quiet “me time” to figure out where you stand in your intimate relationship. Focus on your living environment and spruce up your home life. This is not the right time to make a big decision regarding your romantic life. However, you and your partner can enjoy good quality time together.


Important tasks and projects will get delayed and cause you great stress. Don’t remain in this energy for too long and don’t try to push things. Instead, make the most of your time by taking up a new course, hobby, or passion project that will help you level up your skills and also take your mind off of work. 

7. Libra Monthly Horoscope (September 23 – October 22)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Libra, the mood is somber as you are lost in dark and depressing thoughts. Your sense of self might suffer a massive blow, leading you to face your inner critic. You might be regretting your life choices and this could make you lose your stability. Engaging in creative or artistic pursuits to channel your grief will prove to be helpful!


If you have someone specific in your mind, you might lose a chance to go on a vacation with them. But, there will be another opportunity by the end of the month, provided you nurture and heal your romantic relationship. In your family life, you will choose to voice your grief and displeasure, even if it comes at the cost of peace.


Money matters will keep you busy at the beginning of the month. If you’re facing issues with your stability and financial security, it is high time that you review your attachment to money and material well-being. Have you stopped living while making a living? Enjoy your wealth and have a healthy relationship with your money.

8. Scorpio Monthly Horoscope (October 23 – November 21)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Scorpio, letting go of the old and trusting the process should be your mantra this month. A relationship or work partnership might fall apart and you have to redirect your energy by channeling your hurt and disappointments into creative or passionate outlets.


A new love is just around the corner, but you have to let go of your past in order to move ahead. Ensure you begin this new chapter of your life with mutual trust and respect. Respecting your partner’s boundaries and being gentle with their emotions would be critical for your love life. 


As per your monthly horoscope, you might get a calling to delve into creative or artistic projects. If you get in touch with your inner desires, you can tap into this energy and come up with innovative ideas.

Think back to the time when you were not burdened with the weight of the world. What did you want to become as a grownup? What made you happy? Finding these answers will open up new avenues for you.

9. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (November 22 – December 21)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Sagittarius, you have to take special care of your mental health as you find too many things on your plate. You might also be forced to go through some uncomfortable changes, so prioritize rest and self-care to recharge yourself.

Take notice of the growing discontent that you’re feeling and try to get to the root of the issue. Identifying self-sabotaging thoughts and behavioral patterns will help you take the charge of your life back.  

Monthly Horoscope: Self-love and self-care will get you close to your manifestations.
Monthly Horoscope


If you can maintain a positive attitude through the uncomfortable changes in your life, you will continue enjoying the care and support of your loved ones. You need to live in the present and take one day at a time. You might consider signing up for a class with your partner or traveling to a foreign land together to strengthen your bond.


As per your monthly horoscope, your work sector will go through some shifts and this might be difficult for you to adjust to. There will be changes in your working environment and your daily routine.

Remaining positive and rolling with the punches will save your day. As your birthday season approaches, don’t forget to say some affirmations and set intentions regarding your growth in the work and financial domain. 

10. Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (December 22 – January 19)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Capricorn, solitude and contemplations will bring you much-needed clarity. You will see why certain things had to end and how can you move forward and manifest all your dreams and goals. Tough times will also help you identify your real friends.


As per your monthly horoscope, a toxic or dysfunctional relationship might end and you must not hold on to it. Let go of the connection that no longer serves you. Instead, reach out and lean on your friends.

While some might prove to be frenemies, there will be some friends who will do everything in their power to keep you grounded and safe from your self-sabotaging habits. 


If you’re feeling dissatisfied or stressed out with your work, searching for a creative outlet might just do the trick. While your hobby or passion might not bring you the moolah right from the start, it will keep you engaged, hone your talents, and help you broaden your horizon.

11. Aquarius Monthly Horoscope (January 20 – February 18)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Aquarius, resolving past traumas and figuring out a way to move forward will be your theme for this month. You might feel the need to reconcile and let bygones be bygones. This will be the perfect month to set intentions for personal growth and take action toward a secure future.


You might come face to face with a family member and talk about sensitive topics about your childhood and upbringing. If you feel like burying the hatchet with them, then do so, but try to understand how your past has influenced your adult attachments and what you should do to heal these wounds.


Explore your ambitions and aspirations. Have you allowed your past to hold you back? Then process your fears and doubts, instead of bypassing them. Once you release your limiting beliefs, you will discover ample opportunities to take your career to the next level. Believe in your intentions to manifest them.

12. Pisces Monthly Horoscope (February 19 – March 20)

General Overview

According to your November Horoscope 2022 Pisces, if things get too difficult to handle with unexpected delays and disappointments, it’s okay to take a break and go inward. Accepting that life is not only about reaching your destination, but enjoying and learning from all the experiences in-between, will get you closer to your dreams. 


You will feel confident about your feelings and choose to pursue your person of interest. While this is an applaudable thing, make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t think too much about the future, and try to enjoy the present moment. Sometimes, it’s okay to not have all the answers! 


Unpleasant surprises and unplanned changes will delay important work and negatively impact your productivity. Don’t fret, this is a temporary phase. You are best advised to utilize this time by engaging in creative activities or things that make you happy.

It can be anything, from getting lost in your imagination to getting enough sleep; just take care of yourself and take it easy.

Let Go And Let God

Monthly Horoscope: Acceptance will bring desired outcomes.
Monthly Horoscope

In the November 2022 prediction for the 12 zodiacs, what’s coming up repeatedly is the theme of acceptance and letting go. This isn’t strange, as any eclipse season brings along with it the energy to go with the flow.

According to our monthly horoscope for November, it’s best for each of us to hand over the reign of our life to the Universe, and just breathe through the shifts, while our relationships and situations get the scheduled Karmic adjustments.

So, that was the Monthly Horoscope 2022 for all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us know in the comments, whether you found our article on Monthly Horoscope November 2022 helpful!

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November Monthly Horoscope pin
Accurate Monthly Horoscope November 2022 : Predictions For The 12 Zodiac Signs
November Monthly Horoscope detail pin
Accurate Monthly Horoscope November 2022 : Predictions For The 12 Zodiac Signs
November Monthly Horoscope detailedpin
Accurate Monthly Horoscope November 2022 : Predictions For The 12 Zodiac Signs

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