A Love Gone Wrong

Oh love, I have wronged you.  I have taken glory in the goodness you have given me.

I have basked in all your gifts seeing only the way that life is beautiful because of you.

I have seen all that you do while all along being blind and naive to your truth.

My passion for these riches has caste the cruelest of injustices ….Forgive my love….

for always wanting you to be there for me, not knowing there may be other places you’d like to be

for always wanting your love and validation and not developing my own faith

for always wanting you to never change, not knowing that in change comes growth

for always wanting you to be eternal…oh, how I have denied you the ability to come & go

for always wanting you to be so perfect and effortless that I left no room for my own ability to love your faults

i see all of the ways that I have harmed you by not taking the time to truly know you for what you are by seeing what you are not

it is only now that I see the grace of letting me try again…

To: Love…

I promise

be fleeting, be free, come & go as you please, fall so I may be the arms that support you, show me your shadows so I may be the light upon them to brighten your day.


say nothing, do nothing, for I know you love me this way, let go, don’t try, just be and know this…

I am ready to know my love for you in everything that you might be and in this way I see you clear

My love is your love, for it was your love that helped me to see when I was blind….exactly what I should be….love for you.



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