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A Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart

a letter to the guy who broke my heart

A letter to the guy who broke my heart

I’m not going to say “I’m the best thing that will
ever happen to you” because it’s not true.

You’re an amazing guy who has a beautiful soul
to his friends and family.
But, I sure as hell, feel like I was the best thing for you
through these times.

I made you feel loved even when I didn’t feel it myself.
I made myself feel like it was my fault
why you’ve been so distant, and it was all just you.

I tore down my walls for you and then you decided
you didn’t like the interior so you left.

I wasn’t enough for you or maybe I was too much
and one day I will wake up and realize that I am far better
than the love I thought I deserved from you.

And maybe one day you’ll realize the effort
I broke myself with.