A Big Heart Will Always Be An Easy Target

A Big Heart Will Always Be An Easy Target
Felicia Holmes

A big heart will always
be an easy target.



Anindya J Ganguly

My heart was showered
with arrows bleeding all red
Sowing a garden of tears
in a mountain full of graves.
I wonder when did my soul mate
solemnly get erased
For there's no remaining to love me,
Whether leaning towards right
or tilted towards left.


Sherry Greene

Tiny arrows pierce my heart,
The pain great, the wounds small.
Over and over again.
I do not die right away.
I slowly bleed to death.
I should not have
lowered my shield


Rocio Alvarenga

The heart holds on to that which
the mind no longer does.


Sulekha Pande

Protecting my heart,
from another dart...


Debra Pry

Hit Me With Your Best Shot,
My heart has been broken
and mended before.


Richa Lal

The wounds have torn me apart
how do I ever mend my broken heart.

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