A baby grows in the womb of the mother

A baby grows in the womb of the mother

Sulekha Pande


A baby grows 
in the womb of the mother,
and on the mind of the father


Karthik Parthasarathy



Those 9 months and a few,
While she carries the child in her womb,
He carries the same in his mind,
Both towards delivering the child safely.
Once outside though, for the lifetime,
Both carry the child 
in their hearts and minds. 
Rajeev K Singh


What mother carries in her womb, 
Is what father carries in his mind.
This is the main bonding factor,
Which joins two soul and mind.


Priyanka Tripathi


There is no secret 
to have a emotionally healthy child!
It only requires nourishment 
and love from mothers body 
and love from father’s mind.
“Love” stands common.




The thoughts we sow,
Like a baby it will grow. 
With constant care, 
It would grow up fair.

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