7 Wall Colors That Are Great For Mental Wellbeing

Wall Colors For Mental Wellbeing

Stress, feelings of depression, and anxiety are a part and parcel of modern life. However, there are various ways of reducing stress and taking care of mental health.

But did you know that the color of your room can also have an intense impact on your mental wellbeing?

Yes, you may not want to go out somewhere to change your mind and feel better, when your home is the best place to uplift your mood. Here are 7 wall colors that you can use to make your home ideal for your mental wellbeing.

1) Yellow

The yellow color on the wall can instantly brighten up a dull day. For a softer and soothing touch, you can opt for a pale yellow tone of the paint. Choose window shades for yellow walls to make your interiors look more attractive. Before painting, choose the shade of yellow that you would prefer- the right one would give you the warmth and happiness of sunshine. Trust us; nothing can be better than that.

2) Green

We all know from the surrounding nature that living amidst green is one of the most mind soothing experiences. When you are walking or sitting among greenery, your stress levels will go down. The same will hold when your room has green walls. Opt for any shade of green, and it will have that calming effect on the mind. However, the light shades work better than the brighter ones.

3) Blue

It is one of the most classic and elegant colors that is used for improving your home interiors. It is one of the quietest and most soothing colors that people around the world love. It can help a busy mind to calm down and relax. It is the ideal wall color for all your rooms, including the bedroom, as it encourages peaceful sleep. Stick to soft or neutral tones of blue, as the bright blue color would be very intimidating as wall paint.

4) Pink

Soft and pastel versions of pink can effectively calm down your mind. Do not opt for the brighter or neon version as the wall paint- it might irritate your eyes. A soft pastel shade will bring peace to space. Hence, ensure that you are choosing the right shade before making the purchase.

5) Violet

The base of the violet color is blue, and hence it ought to have a mind-calming effect. You can opt for the soft violet or lilac version to bring subtlety in the tone and maintain the peace of the space. It is a unique wall color, and your house guests would admire your choice.

6) Tan

Another unique color that has a delicate appearance is tan. It is neutral and hence can be used as a base for other colors. It possesses warmth, which will make your mind peaceful.

7) Gray

Even though most people will consider gray to be depressing, the right shade of gray can improve your mental wellbeing. It is a neutral color that relaxes the mind and works well with all color shades.