The 7 deadly sins lives within each one of us

The 7 deadly sins lives within each one of us
Nancy Shurkoff

The 7 deadly sins live
within each one of us.
It’s up to you to decide
if you will allow them
to consume your heart.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Knowing your serpentine heart,
The possible hurt,
All the heads in full glory,
Pointed to things getting gory,
Still felt the need for my love to continue,
Ways to tame it, I thought I knew.
Ground reality, I am no snake charmer,
I am all in but left with no armor.

Rinku Shah

The snakes of Medusa
Head or Heart,
Each plays their part.
One look and turn you to stone,
Arterial venom fangs
make you groan.
There is no shame,
Life is a game.
Bring your dark side,
In the light from deep inside!

Ramya Raghuraman

The valves of cardiac spew venom
And make peoples life hell in heaven
Why do they have such fangs?
Cant, they start life afresh
from where they began?
Your heart is precious
Don’t let others call you

Rinku Shah

In duality we live,
You get what you give.
A hollow promise
Will show I’m no goddess.
I am venom, fangs and claws.
Show me love with no pause,
It’ll bring forth kindness
My heart will erase your sadness.
Your attitude towards me,
Determines what you get to see!

Karthik Parthasarathy

A lifetime of battles fought,
Reinforcing a bit after each one is over,
Protection became the need of the hour,
Every single battle, I never forgot.
I might sound cold, borderline rude
My heart, a multi-headed serpent,
Would rather have that, than repent,
That’s how I protect me, even if it is crude.

Ramya Raghuraman

I lost hope in caring
My anguish pierced a hole in me scarring
Out came a plethora of emotions
The one that gave me solace
was revenge
My heart finally inhabited serpents

Sunny Marie

I am missing my snake charmer.
He’s kind, and gentle, not a harmer.
But he’s fierce, yes its true
This is how my heart looks,
Without you.

Nuhrez Khan

Full of poison they said.
Only they knew not
what had been pumped
all time along the arteries
instead of the veins.

Mai Quesada

A venomous heart!
Evil resides in its every vein
hatred, betrayals, anger reigns.
when can you be tamed?
Peace be with this heart

Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

Hatred exits the heart
in frightful arteries
that hiss with venom.

James Davis

The seven headed serpent
spawns in the heart

Jessica Renae Richardson

When your heart
holds on to hate

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