5 Types of People That Are Narcissist Magnets

TypePeople Narcissist Magnet

Do you think that you are predisposed to end up in a narcissistic relationship? At the end of the day, you can change your appearance in all sorts of ways but when you apply the makeup remover and look at your natural self in the mirror do you see someone who has the sort of personality that a narcissist will find hard to resist? 

Here is a look at some of the personality types that could be described as narcissist magnets. 

1. You show a lot of empathy to others 

A classic personality trait that attracts a narcissist to you would be if you are a particularly empathetic person. 

If it is in your nature to respond to the emotional needs of others you will probably be meat and drink to someone with a narcissist personality as they love the fact that you will consistently validate their opinions. 

2. You have a very positive outlook 

Another feature that a narcissist will find hard to resist being around is when you are the sort of person that could be described as being very optimistic and positive. 

The big problem with having this sort of personality is that if you encounter someone with a narcissistic personality they are likely to exploit this positive personality to serve their own interests. 

3. Always helping others 

Are you the sort of person that people turn to when they could do with some help and need to be rescued, so to speak? 

This is another aspect of your empathetic personality and you could find that a narcissist will target someone who will fall for a sad story at the beginning of a relationship so that they can then take full advantage. 

A narcissistic person is usually very adept at spinning a yarn that soon has you in full rescue mode, which is just what they want. 

4. Do you have a very forgiving nature? 

It is a good thing to have a forgiving nature and it often makes you a nice person to be around. However, an unscrupulous narcissist will most likely try to take advantage of this sort of personality trait. 

A fundamental aspect of a narcissistic personality is that they will usually believe that they have the right to continue their behavior with impunity. If you are quick to forget their misdemeanors and outbursts it will only serve to encourage them to continue in the same vein. 

5. You have already experienced narcissism in your life 

Another aspect of your life that could make you a prime candidate for being a narcissist magnet is when you have already been surrounded by this behavior and have become accustomed to what someone with this sort of personality is like. 

A classic scenario would be if one or both of your parents displayed narcissistic tendencies. 

If you grew up with this sort of behavior it makes it more feasible that you will be subconsciously drawn to someone like this in your adult life. 

Do you recognize any of these personality traits and do you think that you are more of a narcissist magnet than you thought?