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3 Keys To Meet Your Goals And Manifest The Reality You Want

3 Keys To Meet Your Goals And Manifest The Reality You Want

Lately, things I asked for are manifesting. I’ve discovered that conscious creation is a skill, an art and it requires a certain delicacy and daily practice.

Many months ago I had a discussion with a colleague about my morning process, which consists of drinking a gigantic glass of water, journal writing of at least a page or two and then doing hatha yoga. I make sure this process is executed on days especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed with busyness or feel under pressure or stressed.
I was surprised at his sense of shock. I was shocked that he was shocked! He did nothing of the sort he told me, he just woke up, showered, ate and left the house in a stupor. Truth be told, that did sound deadly boring to me.
Only when I mentioned my morning process with someone with a different outlook than mine, did I realize, hang on, I must be doing something quite spectacular. Am I actually a productive person?
The truth is it’s just a habit for me. Actually, it’s a necessity.
When I don’t do these practices in the morning – and I admit I fall off the wagon now and again, as hey, I’m human – life doesn’t go the way I want it to. This is true of my martial arts practices too. Regular Yoga, Writing and Kung Fu practice give me a much-needed structure and containment; a safety and a holding. 

You can bet that if these practices aren’t there, turmoil comes – my vague plans screw up. Situations begin to suck. People begin to slither past my boundaries and I feel overwhelmed and icky. Such is the predicament if you’re highly sensitive and don’t set intentions to move through the day with direction and self-awareness.
Part of my daily process is therefore to consciously create my day, to consciously create the experiences I wish to have.
There are 3 key ways I meet my short-term and long-term goals.  
Follow these steps to create your own reality and be the master of your world:

1. Set Your Intentions. Write down each morning how you wish to feel by the end of the day. Visualize the end, as the beginning and end are one and the same. The energy you begin with will be the energy you end up with. I know this from personal experience! Let the outcome flash in your mind however briefly. I am always amazed that the day I plan is the day I get! For long-term goals, I have stuck up a piece of paper on a wall with the main experiences I wish to have this year. I read through it regularly.

2. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People. Can I just say how this key ingredient has shifted my reality for the better?! You must declutter not only your physical surroundings, but the people you’re surrounded by! It has been a painful process to cut ties with long-term ‘friendships’, sensitive being that I am, but it’s the best thing I’ve done, as I’ve started to cultivate new, better, wholesome and equal relationships. This practice has catapulted me to new feelings of ‘success’ and inner vitality. Keep clearing space within and around you, surround yourself with those who will lift you higher.

3. Take Action. Simple hey? It is that easy. It’s also that hard! The intention you set doesn’t miraculously transpire, you must take action however big or small to get to your ideal destination. Take baby steps if you have to. Just keep moving forward. Find the balance between inner stillness and outer movement. When you move towards your vision, your vision begins to reach towards you.

Pause and take a step back from looking at these three steps – what do you think is the key ingredient?
I think it’s consistency! Just like my morning practice which has become a daily habit, creating and manifesting the experiences you want takes consistency of practice and consistency of effort.

When tasks become a habit they become effortless, when they become effortless, I feel they become a necessity. 

Let me know how you get on if you try this out!
Does it work for you?

Bruce Lee always has the right wisdom:

3 Keys To Meet Your Goals And Manifest The Reality You Want

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