14 Signs You’re An Indigo Child

14 Signs You're An Indigo Child

14 Signs you’re an Indigo Child

1. You are strong willed
2. You’re an old soul
3. you’re a freethinker
4. You’re a headstrong nonconformist
5. You’re a passionate truth-seeker
6. You’re perceptive and intelligent
7. You are highly intuitive
8. You want to change the world
9. You’re empathetic and compassionate
10. You’re a change-making leader
11. You’re idealistic
12. You have a loner/autonomous personality
13. You’re highly creative
14. You have a strong connection with nature and animals.


32 thoughts on “14 Signs You’re An Indigo Child”

  1. Here’s where my question is…I am an INFJ-less than one of 1% of the world population. I am also a very strong Empath. But “Indigo Child” also fits Both of these. INFJ personality is unarguably exact minus one, maybe two things. Help?

  2. To spot an Indigo it’s very simple… observe the colour of it’s aura… Dark blue indigo auras can be observed on the Indigo… Wanna see the colour of the auras? Practice meditation daily if you were not born with this skill…

  3. What is this about?

    Now your mind thinks:
    Oh… I‘m an old soul,
    Oh… I‘m an Indigo Child
    Yes… I am special.
    It‘s just another Ego trip.
    There is nothing wrong with it. Maybe you enjoy it…
    But it’s not getting you any closer to the nature of reality…
    It‘s just another Story of the mind…

    Nevertheless, thank you

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