11 Habits that Can Absolutely Transform your Productivity

11 Habits that Can Absolutely Transform your Productivity

You might be thinking that living in a digital era with the complete access to any information is an absolute advantage. But the abundance of information has become the major distraction for people nowadays. What may have seemed an advantage, now is perceived more like a major downside. Moreover, informational overload has influenced our productivity so much that we often feel lost and perplexed.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to escape falling into the trap of losing your focus.

  • Clear the way to achieving your goals by decluttering the space around. Ever noticed, how cluttered working area instantly kills your motivation? So make the first step to becoming productive by getting rid of unnecessary things! Make a list of stuff you will need for a particular task – writing things down will definitely motivate you. Organize your working space and create an even more productive atmosphere!

  • Break your work into sections. Try to work deliberately for 90 minutes and then have a small break from 15 to 20 minutes. But to follow this rule completely, you should remove all triggers of procrastination. Our phones have proven to be the major reason to procrastinate, which won’t be helpful on your way to achieve your goals. Put your cell phone on silent mode and turn off vibration so that the buzzing doesn’t annoy and distract you. And each time you have a compulsion to check your phone or e-mail, remind yourself about your goals and say “No” these distractions!

  • All right, now, when you are motivated enough to work till you drop, be reminded that overdoing yourself will instantly kill your motivation. Remember that the best triggers of productivity are a good night’s sleep, healthy food, and active lifestyle. Remember that your health is the priority and respect your body.

  • The major key to staying productive is being positive. And remember that the most important part of being productive is planning! So get yourself a nice organizer and start putting down all you have in mind! Another important thing is a creative approach to achieving your goals.

    So make the most creative habit trackers, to-do lists, and deadline calendars! And don’t forget to search for the inspiration on the Internet. Just look at this inspiring infographic the guys from www.assignmenthelper.com.au have created! Creative tools like this can absolutely transform your productivity, get you motivated and determined on your way to achieving your goals! 

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