10 Ways Women Act When They Don’t Love You Anymore



7) She doesn’t acknowledge or appreciates your loving gestures

When a woman really loves you, she would acknowledge and appreciate the little things that you do for her and reciprocate your affection.
If she doesn’t love you, she would not be moved by any of your antics or gestures and would completely ignore them.


8) She would never initiate the conversation

When a woman is in love, she would want to talk about everything under the sun with her partner.
But if she has stopped loving you, she would totally lose the zeal to initiate any conversation with you.
You would find that you are the only one who would initiate the conversation all the time and she might not even respond to your efforts to communicate.


9) She stops giving you attention and she doesn’t need it from you either

If a woman loves you, she would notice even small things like a new haircut or t-shirt that you sport.
She would want to know what’s going on in your life and family but if she has stopped loving you, her attention for you would completely die off.

Forget about inquiring your whereabouts and your life, she would barely even acknowledge your existence.

Once she is out of love, she has lost all interest in giving you attention or getting any attention from you.
She would become totally indifferent to you.


10) Physical Intimacy dies off

When a woman falls out of love, along with emotional intimacy, physical intimacy would die off too.
She would not be interested in any gestures of displaying affection, be it kissing or hand holding or love making.

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