Zodiac Stereotypes: First Impression


Zodiac Stereotypes: First Impression

Zodiac Stereotypes: First Impression  

Aries: Plaid shirts, sarcasm, interruptions.

Taurus: Sophistication, the sound of turning pages in a book, glares

Gemini: Driving at night, papers torn out of a notebook, a radio.

Cancer: A brief laugh, hopeful look in the eyes, waking up in the middle of the night.

Leo: long hair, a warm smile, waiting for a bus.

Virgo: Braided hair, sketchbooks, shy smiles.

Libra: Enthusiasm, humor, denim jackets.

Scorpio: Charm bracelets, hypnotic eyes, the color red.

Sagittarius: Childlike eyes, infectious laugh, protectiveness.

Capricorn: Anger, alternative music, open windows.

Aquarius: Intelligence, a cold storm, sad eyes.

Pisces: Journals, soft blankets, a cool breeze.

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