Zodiac Signs Worst Habit

Zodiac Signs Worst Habit

Your Worst Habit!  

Aries: You thinking you’re better than everyone else, but being insecure.  

Taurus: Keeping a balanced relationship with anyone, and cutting people off.  

Gemini: Cheating.  Cancer: Lying.  

Leo: Making everything about you even when you have kids.  

Virgo: Settling always and in every way.  

Libra: Crying about all 15 of your lovers.  

Scorpio: Obsessing over your exes.  

Sagittarius: Being insensitive, but wanting everyone to be sensitive to you.  

Capricorn: Not wanting to commit, but wanting commitment from others.  

Aquarius: Living in the same cycle for years.  

Pisces: Not moving on ever.

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