Zodiac Signs By Day and By Night

Zodiac Signs By Day and By Night

Zodiac Signs by Day:  

Aries: Warrior  

Taurus: CEO  

Gemini: Nerd  

Cancer: Angel  

Leo: Queen  

Virgo: Housewife  

Libra: Movie star  

Scorpio: Criminal  

Sagittarius: Cave explorer  

Capricorn: Professor  

Aquarius: Alien  

Pisces: Writer/ Poet  

Zodiac Signs by Night:  

Aries: Queen  

Taurus: Sleeping  

Gemini: Artist  

Cancer: Demon  

Leo: Kitten  

Virgo: Maniac  

Libra: Social Activist  

Scorpio: Criminal  

Sagittarius: Thief  

Capricorn: Devil  

Aquarius: The Werewolf  

Pisces: The Spirit


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