Zodiac Signs At Kindergarten

Zodiac Signs At Kindergarten

Zodiac Signs At Kindergarten  

Aries: Cuts off Cancers pigtails and slaps them with it  

Taurus: Is it lunch time already????  

Gemini: 1 + 1 is meow!!!  

Cancer: Cuts off Aries face and slaps them with it  

Leo: Wow, pink looks amazing on me, should wear pink more often…  

Virgo: Helps Libra color in her drawing  

Libra: You’re not doing it properly OMFG you’re ruining it.  

Scorpio: Humps stuffed animals  

Sagittarius: Who wants to climb the tree?!! runs outside  

Capricorn: So how do you all want to die?  

Aquarius: Why are you all so annoying. I’m so much better than all of you, I’m so perfect!!!!!!!!  

Pisces: Draws a picture with the crayons Aries stole.


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