Zodiac Signs As Beautiful Things

Zodiac Signs As Beautiful Things

Zodiac Signs as Beautiful Things  

Aries: Edison Lights, balloons, diverging roads, ripped jeans

Taurus: Succulents, architecture, cherry blossoms, lock and key

Gemini: Cityscape, freshly baked cookies, black coffee

Cancer: Polaroid Pictures, mason jars, knee high socks

Leo: Fireworks, stars, glasses, flower crowns, bonfires on a beach

Virgo: Dandelions, typewriters, watercolours, stargazing,

Libra: Droplets on a window, peonies, rose gold rings

Scorpio: Palm trees, oversized hoodies, lightening

Sagittarius: Fairy lights, sunflowers, plaid shirts

Capricorn: Marble Top, candles, embroidery, vintage cameras

Aquarius: Silhouettes, neon lights, crystals, new paint brushes

Pisces: Waves, lavenders, pools, knitted sweaters

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