Zodiac Sign Stereotypes That Are Usually True

Zodiac Sign Stereotypes That Are Usually True

Stereotypes That Are Usually True… (I’m ready for people to be offended)  

Aries: Always coming off confident, they believe they can do anything even if the odds are against them and yes, they can be a lil cocky.  

Taurus: Stubborn AF. this will never even be a question. you can’t convince a taurus of anything if they already have a set belief on it.  

Gemini: Actually is a lil crazy, especially at parties and shit. always wanted to be the life of the party even if they won’t admit it, lol. once you get alcohol in them there’s no going back.  

Cancer: Mushy gushy lil people. They are constantly giving out love.  

Leo: Always want attention 100000% of the time, needs compliments constantly or they might have a mental breakdown  

Virgo: Actually very neat and organized and doesn’t like things out of place, can be a little anal about it but we love em!  

Libra: Very artsy fartsy, whether it be with drawing/literature/etc. They are always using their creativity to cope w/ things!  

Scorpio: Very intense. Doesn’t matter what it is, if they are feeling something it is intense and everyone knows it.  

Sagittarius: Very sexual. Always talking about sex. This will always be true.  

Capricorn: Very determined and good at whatever they do and always will be.  

Aquarius: Sometimes does indeed have a hard time expressing their emotions and getting them out.  

Pisces: Yes they’re very emotional and soft but it’s beautiful and wonderful and not something they should be made fun of for!

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