Your Love Left Me In Stitches

Sherry Greene
Sherry Greene


Your love left me
in stitches.


Russell Sturak


The Photo depicts a male narcissist
reprogramming a victim
who they have destroyed.
Notice also the female heart
is missing and he is stitching
the empty cavity to close it.
Notice also his mouth
is stitched closed,
(no communication)
only mind games.
She has a slight smile,
as if the pleasure
of a ripped out heart
means she doesn’t
have to feel again;
until she does,
when he leaves
and she’s lost her heart.


Debra Pry


Never assume broken can’t be fixed.
Love has a way of mending together 
two broken hearts,
And making everything whole again.
Sherry Greene

So wounded am I,
So many missing pieces.
I see your old wounds,too.
I’d embrace your damage.
Will you be the one
To put me together again?


Rinku Shah


I am not a rag doll,
At your beck and call.
You break and then mend me,
From your clutches 
I wish I could flee! 
Janie Butterfly-Dowling


True love will fix you
and put you back
together again.


Sarrvesh Waran


She has been through so much pain
but She would learn to love again.

Barbara Bauer


We are both
we can heal each other.

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