Wise Pick For 8 November

wise pick 11nov

Aura Tamara
And with the storms,
my garden grew.

Sulekha Pande
No flower has ever bloomed,
without rains and clouds.

Ashish Verma
Pain and sufferings
are poured into your life
just to bloom it more beautifully.

Rinku Shah
If the storm you can survive.
You will witness how the flowers thrive.

Reimbrant Hilario
The worst days of your life
contains seeds of what is to be the best.
Hold on and be amaze.

Siony Benemerito McCor
Every now and then,
life needs an awakening
with a little drench of rain.
To clear out the mind
and start new growth.
New garden. A new beginning.

Frances McCabe
Into each life, a little rain
must fall before the sun appears
and the flowers of our life
bloom again.

Len-Len Bayucan
After a difficult storm
there comes a ray of hope
sprouting like a beautiful flower.

Shilpika Bagh
Sometimes the life’s ‘downpour’;
brings in new ‘hopes’.

Melissa J Edwards
With time the storm will pass
and through it, you’ll bloom.

Jayne Euteneuer
It may seem impossible at times,
but we’re all capable of blooming.

Leta Marie DeMello
Beauty can be found
in the wisdom of a difficult journey.

Shelley Long
Watering the
seeds of imagination.

Marelaine Louw
Use the storms in your life
to grow.

Pelumi Samuel
The storm you face
helps you grow.

Vidhi Shah
If you want flowers
you have to deal with rains too.

Simple Aura
Don’t let the rain bring you down,
use and allow it to bloom color
into your life.

More the intense circumstances
one faced,
more beautiful will be the results
that one will reap.

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