Wise Pick For 8 November

wise pick 11nov

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberAura Tamara
And with the storms,
my garden grew.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberSulekha Pande
No flower has ever bloomed,
without rains and clouds.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberAshish Verma
Pain and sufferings
are poured into your life
just to bloom it more beautifully.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberRinku Shah
If the storm you can survive.
You will witness how the flowers thrive.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberReimbrant Hilario
The worst days of your life
contains seeds of what is to be the best.
Hold on and be amaze.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberSiony Benemerito McCor
Every now and then,
life needs an awakening
with a little drench of rain.
To clear out the mind
and start new growth.
New garden. A new beginning.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberFrances McCabe
Into each life, a little rain
must fall before the sun appears
and the flowers of our life
bloom again.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberLen-Len Bayucan
After a difficult storm
there comes a ray of hope
sprouting like a beautiful flower.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberShilpika Bagh
Sometimes the life’s ‘downpour’;
brings in new ‘hopes’.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberMelissa J Edwards
With time the storm will pass
and through it, you’ll bloom.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberJayne Euteneuer
It may seem impossible at times,
but we’re all capable of blooming.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberLeta Marie DeMello
Beauty can be found
in the wisdom of a difficult journey.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberShelley Long
Watering the
seeds of imagination.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberMarelaine Louw
Use the storms in your life
to grow.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberPelumi Samuel
The storm you face
helps you grow.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberVidhi Shah
If you want flowers
you have to deal with rains too.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberSimple Aura
Don’t let the rain bring you down,
use and allow it to bloom color
into your life.

Wise Pick For 8 NovemberHARSHITA
More the intense circumstances
one faced,
more beautiful will be the results
that one will reap.

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