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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 7 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Cut the cords of abuse.
The power is in your hands.

Sulekha Pande

Cut the cord of the hand,
That raises the sword.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

When you have the opportunity
to set yourself free,
don’t waste it on someone
who doesn’t want you to be.

Phyllis Snider Boyer

Sever the lines of abuse
and begin to heal the hurt.

Wayne Kelley

Cut the strings of abuse
and be free.

Sandy Rozelman

sever the angry and hurtful connections
you have with others

Debra Pry

Snip it, before it snips you.
No one can play you,
If you don’t want to play.

Rinku Shah

Cut the strings before being abused,
Don’t wait to be bruised!

Lynn Laveau Lund

You’ve had the power all along
to cut the ties of abuse.

Terri Knuth

Only an awareness above us
can cut the tie we have to the puppet strings
of the conflicted false self.

Desi Skarzetti

To end a life of strife.
You must cut the ties that bind you.

Steven Murphy

Not your puppet anymore

Dr.Vidhi Shah

Cut those strings of attachment
which brings toxicity in your life


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