Wise Pick For 6 June

Annija Čamane

We give what we get
and get what we give.

Kathryn Wa

Dumping emotional
energy elsewhere,
works temporarily
but finds it way back to
it’s rightful owner.

Kangan Monga

Universe is
dynamic space,
what you do,
gets back to you
sooner or later.
Be cautious and
spread love &
happiness always.


Generosity makes us
human and keeps life going.
Humans are an inherently
social species. We have
survived and thrived
because we take care
of one another.

Mary Kirkpatrick

Pass it forward,
so they say.
Maybe, it will
come back your way.

Sherilyn Campbell

Fill buckets with
praise and positivity;
do not dump your fear
and frustration on others.
Working together and
supporting each other
is the way to go.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

You reap what you
sow my friend.
One good deed
comes tenfold.
Don’t fill your
bucket list with bitterness.
You’ll be a loss
soul full of emptiness.

Jayme JB Odinrab

Destroy others, and
the same destruction
shall be done unto you.

Ang Ziegler

When we dump our
emotional baggage on
someone else;
it will come full circle.
It’s called karma.

Shilpika Bagh

Wish to stay ‘clean’;
keep your litter
in your ‘bin’.

Darryl Tombleson

Try dumping positivity
on one another,
and not crap.
It’s the same workload
but with a totally
different result.

Juhi Srivastava

You will always
receive the same
what you give to others.

Carol Dawson

Surround yourself
with people that will
fill your bucket while you
are filling the buckets
of those you surround.

Rinku Shah

Karma works on the
payback principle,
even if you think
you are invincible.

Maritza Rodriguez

Karma is created,
when it’s your turn
you don’t have to order;
and it ships for free.

Cheryl McNickle

What goes around
comes around.

Sherry Greene

The refuse you
choose to toss aside,
comes back to you
for another ride.


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