Wise Pick For 5 November

Shilpika Bagh
Sometimes those that ‘hold’ you;
are the ones that ‘control’ you.

Kathy Labossiere
Do not allow anyone
to control you
by treating you like
a puppet on a string.

Siony Benemerito McCor
Don’t allow yourself
to become a puppet.
Cut the strings and stand up
for yourself.

Leslie Ann Nations
It’s time.
Cut those strings and be yourself.
No one is asking for perfection.
Be yourself and stand tall.
Otherwise, it may your downfall.

Ashish Verma
Cut the strings
holding you back,
that there’s nothing
you lack.

Jennifer Gigi Friedman Schaeffer
Cut the strings. All of them.
Life’s too short
to allow yourself
to be tied to anything or anyone
that doesn’t move you.

Kimberlie Lemaire
Strings of
control and judgment.

Resh Sh
We’re just puppets
in this game of life.
Free yourself
from the strings of bondage.

Jazzie Dyhaz
Sick and tired of the show.
Cut the strings,
speak out and be heard.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon
Don’t let anyone pull
your strings.
Never be
someone’s puppet.

Debra Pry
Don’t be manipulated,
because you’re not
just a puppet on a string.

Donna McCarthy
Cut the string and fly alone.
Free will is your own.

Lisa Hammock
Never be a puppet
in someone else’s show.
Cut the strings.

Sherilyn Campbell
Learn how to live your own life.
Do not allow others
to pull your strings.

Payal Hore
Do not let anyone handle
your steering with a string
and make you a puppet.

Helene Heleen Helene
Don’t be a puppet on a string.
Break free to live life, love, and sing.

Nc Dash
Only submit to the dictate
of your own conscience,
nobody else’s.

Shauna VanDorn
Don’t let anyone
pull your strings.

Julie Ryderis Carnelly
Don’t be a puppet on a string.
Be the master of your
own ceremonies.

Mary varsha
Never let another person
have control over you.

Justin Oliva
Break free from the strings
that control you.
We have more free reign
than we realize.

Control your life,
others will control yours.

Christian Ward
I don’t own ‘me’.


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