Wise Pick For 5 November

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Wise Pick For 5 NovemberShilpika Bagh
Sometimes those that ‘hold’ you;
are the ones that ‘control’ you.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberKathy Labossiere
Do not allow anyone
to control you
by treating you like
a puppet on a string.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberSiony Benemerito McCor
Don’t allow yourself
to become a puppet.
Cut the strings and stand up
for yourself.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberLeslie Ann Nations
It’s time.
Cut those strings and be yourself.
No one is asking for perfection.
Be yourself and stand tall.
Otherwise, it may your downfall.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberAshish Verma
Cut the strings
holding you back,
that there’s nothing
you lack.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberJennifer Gigi Friedman Schaeffer
Cut the strings. All of them.
Life’s too short
to allow yourself
to be tied to anything or anyone
that doesn’t move you.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberKimberlie Lemaire
Strings of
control and judgment.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberResh Sh
We’re just puppets
in this game of life.
Free yourself
from the strings of bondage.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberJazzie Dyhaz
Sick and tired of the show.
Cut the strings,
speak out and be heard.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberKim DeCocco-Sharon
Don’t let anyone pull
your strings.
Never be
someone’s puppet.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberDebra Pry
Don’t be manipulated,
because you’re not
just a puppet on a string.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberDonna McCarthy
Cut the string and fly alone.
Free will is your own.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberLisa Hammock
Never be a puppet
in someone else’s show.
Cut the strings.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberSherilyn Campbell
Learn how to live your own life.
Do not allow others
to pull your strings.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberPayal Hore
Do not let anyone handle
your steering with a string
and make you a puppet.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberHelene Heleen Helene
Don’t be a puppet on a string.
Break free to live life, love, and sing.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberNc Dash
Only submit to the dictate
of your own conscience,
nobody else’s.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberShauna VanDorn
Don’t let anyone
pull your strings.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberJulie Ryderis Carnelly
Don’t be a puppet on a string.
Be the master of your
own ceremonies.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberMary varsha
Never let another person
have control over you.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberJustin Oliva
Break free from the strings
that control you.
We have more free reign
than we realize.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberXO
Control your life,
others will control yours.

Wise Pick For 5 NovemberChristian Ward
I don’t own ‘me’.

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