Wise Pick For 4 November

wise pick 7nov

Debra Pry
Everyone’s a mess.
But you just have to
find the right mess
that will stand by you.

Divya Tuli Garg
Everyone is a mess
and Life is entangled.
Together we can
untangle it
to make it a bless.

Sulekha Pande
The deeper we fell in love
the more
we lost our identities.

Pauline Ebijimi
We are all messed up
with words unspoken.
When two souls meet,
it unravel the mysteries.

Larry Le Brun
In some relationships,
both totally lose their identities.
In most relationships,
each loses only some.
That’s adaptation
and compromise.

Amanda Thompson
We may erase our faces
in due time
but the memory
of what we felt
will forever remain
imprinted in our hearts.

Faith Dunsmuir
Even if you love each other
a messy relationship
can make you lose
your identity.

Wayne Kelley
Scratching out
each other’s existence
is not the solution,
communication is.

Helene Leanos
Love should enhance,
not deplete us.

Pelumi Samuel
Sometimes in relationships,
people pretend by
not being their true self.

Life Coach
Hiding from the world,
in your arms.

Estranged from the world
to hide the love beneath.

Shahzina Shafi
But feelings can’t be ignored;
no matter how unjust
and ungrateful they seem.

Siony Benemerito McCor
Memories will
erase itself overtime.
Be patient
and don’t try to expedite.

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