Wise Pick For 23 June

Archana Kumari 

Burden of
unspoken words.

Jean Maria Healy 

The right words can comfort
the loneliest of souls and
remove the weight of anxiety
from our shoulders.

Rahemeen Ali Khan 

The love is lost and far
but the memories are kept
in the form of words
healing me during
my loneliness.

Rhoda Bengco Evans-Robinson 

No amount of words can
express my feelings for you.
No amount of words can
erase our memories together.

Lisa MamaBear Lightfoot 

Where my voice fails me,
my words will comfort you.

Allison Parsons 

She ached inside and
had so many words
she needed to tell him,
and yet he refused to
acknowledge her pain
or rest your words
on my shoulders and
together we will
write our book.

Lisa Provost 

You’ll always be with me.
Your words are forever
ingrained in my soul.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

All the words in the world
cannot ease the pain,
or relieve the intimate grief
of those who remain.

Xyriz Paz Estrellado 

The weight of your
words and thoughts
never leave you.

Connie Lynn 

When words are all
you have to embrace
your empty soul.

JoEllen Wankel 

Some days you
lean on the words
and some days
they lean on you.

Sam Stewart 

Hiding within the
depths of my soul,
are these words and
feelings I can’t control.

Shilpika Bagh 

Words in your ‘head’;
will be left ‘unheard’.


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