Wise Pick For 2 November

wise pick 5nov

Phyllis Snider Boyer
Be mindful of what you do
and say,
as it may affect how you ‘face’
the day.

Aura Tamara
Who shall I choose
to be today?

Adrainenne Monique Wynn
which face to present
to the world today.

Mary Kirkpatrick
What we choose each and every day,
projects the future coming our way.

Ashish Verma
Choose a happy mask
to slay for the rest of your day.

Alan Scott
Choosing your demeanor
for the outside world to see.

Shilpika Bagh
Whatever I
‘choose’ to be today;
will be my ‘fate’
for the rest of the day.

Jackie Zedalis
Every day you make the choice
of which face
you will show the world.

Lisa Dutkiewicz
It’s your choice
with which mask to wear.
You can choose to be grumpy or happy.
Just be real with whatever
the choice might be.

Lynne Bohlman-Casey
We all get to choose
how we present ourselves.
Choose to be happy.

Anjana Surendran
Choose to remain
happy and calm
whatever the encounters be.

Carmen Flick
We each have the face
that suits our day.
But the choice of happiness
is contagious.

Eko Yulianto
Start your day with the right choice:
sadness or happiness.
It’s up to you.

Vyvienne Chamberlain
The mood you choose
will determine
the type of day you will have.

Sherilyn Campbell
The face you wear for the world
is not always the face
you wear at home.

Ankit Pandey
Your image become
the face you wear,
choose the right one.

Grace A. Comia
Wear the happy face or
the angry one?
The choice is yours.

David Chapman
How you prepare
to face the world
is your choice.

Choose your day wisely.
Only you can
put on your attitude.

Every single day
you choose
which face to show the world.

Kristie Hanewinckel
You can decide your attitude
with the face
you put on to start your day.

Every day
we wear a different mask
to hide our real feelings.

Pelumi Samuel
There’s a face for each day
depending on our choices.

Life Coach
Every day you get to
choose your mindset.
Choose wisely.

Behind every mask,
there is a face
and behind that
a story.

Akash Verma
Choose your attitude on your face,
which can change the world.

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