Wise Pick For 2 November

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Wise Pick For 2 NovemberPhyllis Snider Boyer
Be mindful of what you do
and say,
as it may affect how you ‘face’
the day.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberAura Tamara
Who shall I choose
to be today?

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberAdrainenne Monique Wynn
which face to present
to the world today.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberMary Kirkpatrick
What we choose each and every day,
projects the future coming our way.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberAshish Verma
Choose a happy mask
to slay for the rest of your day.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberAlan Scott
Choosing your demeanor
for the outside world to see.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberShilpika Bagh
Whatever I
‘choose’ to be today;
will be my ‘fate’
for the rest of the day.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberJackie Zedalis
Every day you make the choice
of which face
you will show the world.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberLisa Dutkiewicz
It’s your choice
with which mask to wear.
You can choose to be grumpy or happy.
Just be real with whatever
the choice might be.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberLynne Bohlman-Casey
We all get to choose
how we present ourselves.
Choose to be happy.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberAnjana Surendran
Choose to remain
happy and calm
whatever the encounters be.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberCarmen Flick
We each have the face
that suits our day.
But the choice of happiness
is contagious.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberEko Yulianto
Start your day with the right choice:
sadness or happiness.
It’s up to you.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberVyvienne Chamberlain
The mood you choose
will determine
the type of day you will have.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberSherilyn Campbell
The face you wear for the world
is not always the face
you wear at home.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberAnkit Pandey
Your image become
the face you wear,
choose the right one.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberGrace A. Comia
Wear the happy face or
the angry one?
The choice is yours.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberDavid Chapman
How you prepare
to face the world
is your choice.

Wise Pick For 2 Novemberkellylakelly2
Choose your day wisely.
Only you can
put on your attitude.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberHajiro
Every single day
you choose
which face to show the world.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberKristie Hanewinckel
You can decide your attitude
with the face
you put on to start your day.

Wise Pick For 2 Novembersoulseer
Every day
we wear a different mask
to hide our real feelings.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberPelumi Samuel
There’s a face for each day
depending on our choices.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberLife Coach
Every day you get to
choose your mindset.
Choose wisely.

Wise Pick For 2 Novemberinikitasinha
Behind every mask,
there is a face
and behind that
a story.

Wise Pick For 2 NovemberAkash Verma
Choose your attitude on your face,
which can change the world.

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