You Will Never Love Anyone

You Will Never Love Anyone As Deeply And Recklessly As You Did with Your First Love

You will never love anyone as deeply and recklessly as you did with your first love. And you will never feel anything as agonizing as your first heartbreak. You will end up putting a wall up so the next time someone comes around, you will be wiser. You will never feel anything as extreme as loving someone for the first time and losing them. And during your sorrow, you will wonder why you even loved at all. And the answer is simple. It all comes down to one thing, you just didn’t know any better.

11 thoughts on “You Will Never Love Anyone”

  1. Yeah my wall has been up for years that’s why when I have feelings for someone I know it will never work. He was just trying to get my parents money. This is over forty years ago.

  2. and if you’re lucky you live and grow with that same love from long ago. I must just be one of the lucky ones, perhaps its accepting the fact that we had something stronger than most and accepting each others failings as well as our strengths.

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