Why not embrace your beautiful self !

Why not embrace your beautiful self !

People look so conscious, in and around.
They feel the openness with few, imagine what would happen if they feel free as a bird.
Free from what others think, free from what they think.
Why don’t we become a bird and just follow the wind of heaven and keep moving our soul towards it.
People bother the image they carry, just like the TV show carrying the TRP.
If nothing looks beautiful outside, nothing will matter what’s inside.

People are living in this delusional world.
The worst is they creating , living and suffering at the same time.

Why not get away from what people think, presume, assume and just do what we think, feel and bloom.

Why we want the cuttings and shapes to define our self , why not we be the original and spread the spark of it in the world.

I ask you all, are you living in the mode of cut, copy, paste?

or you living in the mode of Copyright reserved.

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