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Who The Zodiac Signs Should Really Date

Who The Zodiac Signs Should Really Date

Who The Signs Should Really Date  

Aries: A Nokia phone because you’ll never be able to destroy it!  

Taurus: Money money $$$$$ You just love money, to be honest.  

Gemini: A swing because only they can put up with your mood swings haha.  

Cancer: An empty room so you can explode in emotion at any given time.  

Leo: A computer that generates compliments, there’s someone who really cares.  

Virgo: Toilet paper because they’re organised, clean and they’ll wipe your tears.  

Libra: An app that makes decisions for you, there all your life problems solved!  

Scorpio: A diary, now you have something to confide in, read and tear apart!  

Sagittarius: A car because the only thing you can commit to is running (driving) away.  

Capricorn: A pillow so you can sleep your way out of stress, and it’s something that can’t get in your way of doing anything!  

Aquarius: The internet, because that’s the only thing that holds your interest for more than 5 seconds (and that gets you).  

Pisces: An aquarium, it gives you somewhere to actually allow yourself to constantly wallow in self pity.

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