What the Length of Your Hair Says About Your Personality

Length of Your Hair About Personality

Are you trying to figure out what the length of your hair says about your personality? Read this article to learn more about what your hair says about you.

Does the length of our hair define us? Does it say something about our personality? Hair frames your face and is one of the features that people notice in the first few milliseconds of seeing you.

We invite you to consider the non-verbal clues the length of your hair might give as to the kind of person you are. Who knows? You might even consider cutting or growing your hair as a result!

Personality assessments are always subjective, and not all cultures conform to the same general perceptions. Let’s see where our journey takes us, and perhaps we’ll even be able to figure out why hair length “speaks” for us.

Since it is quite a complex topic all on its own, we’ll be looking at the length of women’s hair only. Keep reading to learn more!

Very Short Styles

Women with ultra-short hair are often viewed as confident and intelligent. Because of their confidence, they come across as pleasant, sociable, and sometimes even flirty.

The clean, fresh-cut allows observers a clear view of their face and suggests openness and integrity, and a certain amount of discipline that is occasionally interrupted by bouts of impulsiveness. Women with short hair are often seen as being independent thinkers and go-getters. Many lead active lives, and dealing with a short style after sports or a workout at the gym is much easier and quicker than it is if your hair is longer.

Wearing your hair very short sends a message: you’re happy to define what it means to be a woman on your own terms and are capable of analytical thought with a pristine pulse.

You’re not too worried about conforming to social norms. Your sense of adventure is your chief source of happiness. You seldom find a reason to be bored. You welcome change and tackle life head-on.

Above the Shoulder

The bob cut, and similar, indicate your ability to find balance. It also points to a straight-forward manner in your dealings socially and in business. You’re normally organized and pretty sure of yourself. Like your shorter-haired sisters, you’re pretty much a no-nonsense type, and you have a wash-and-go hairstyle to go with it. There’s so much to do in life without worrying too much about your hair, yet you balance this with your need to look pleasantly presentable at all times. This absence of complexes means that although you tend towards conformity and the conventional, you are not so keen on rigid routines. You have a penchant for experiencing new things but are unlikely to take extreme risks.

You are bouncy, like your bob. Because you sometimes act without thinking, people might take you for a bit of a butterfly. This is usually far from the truth since you usually operate from a stable base.

Shoulder Length

You like to wear your softer, feminine side on your shoulder. It gives you a certain elegance and sophistication, both attributes that you value. And, like a signature perfume, can add a little mystery, or since, to your life.Women who wear their hair shoulder-length are generally versatile. This aspect of their personality is reflected in the different ways they can style their hair depending on their mood and the occasion. With shoulder-length hair, anything from wearing your hair up for elegance in this evening to ponytails for practical DIY jobs at home is possible.

Your hairstyle is appealing in a middle-of-the-road kind of way. You make new friends easily, mainly because you like to talk and engage with others at their level. As a people person, you laugh a lot. Your basic philosophy is that you’re meant to enjoy life and have fun.

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