What is the worse kind of disappointment?

What is the worse kind of disappointment? In others or in yourself? And can these two things be separated? I have been let down by people. We all have. What differentiates us is how we deal with this disappointment, and more importantly, how we move on from it.

To me, the most important thing is to acknowledge why you have been left feeling let down. It is not so much the actual cause of the disappointment, more so why it had that affect me.

Once I have established this, I then need to really work out why I feel as I do and how I can best address these feelings so in the future I will be better placed to handle the disappointment.

A sad side effect of this for me it to persecute myself that I didn’t read the signs, didn’t watch closely for hints that would have given me a head start as such. My lack of reading the situation becomes just as important as the actual let down itself. Then begins the self analysis, the self doubt, the persecution and the mental turmoil.

So again I ask, What is the worse kind of disappointment: Having been let down by others or by yourself?



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