What If? What If I Told You?

What If

What if? What if I told you? What if one day the words that have been sitting on the tip of my tongue fall out of my mouth and you happen to be standing near? Would you run? Would you flee from that very spot and hide away forever to that you wouldn’t have to see me anymore? What would you say? Would you tell me you feel the same or would you say that today is not our day? Would you say that nothing’s going to change between us? Would you mean that? What if I told you about these feelings that I have had deep inside me for so long? Would you say you’ve had them too, or would you laugh and call me a fool? My heart is hoping and praying for you to say you feel the same, but my mind knows I probably won’t get my way. But what if? What if all my days and nights of hoping and praying and wishing on stars and eyelashes and dandelion seeds payed off? What if you actually felt the same way? That is the question that haunts me at two in the morning when all I can think about is you. If you only knew.


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