We Must Learn To Mend

We Must Learn To Mend



Sherry Greene

We must learn to mend
Our own broken hearts.


Divya Tuli Garg

Heart torn apart
When someone you love depart.
Leaving you with pain
All efforts to heal
Will be in vain
Until you stitch ur own heart
With thread of courage
And needle of time to save nine.


Sulekha Pande


The thread of love and compassion,
The needle of determination,
will salvage you of your pain,
nurture your broken heart
heal thyself, be happy,
That should be your aim.

Sulekha Pande


We have to heal ourselves.

Rinku Shah

As I shed a tear,
Without fear
Once again I mend you
my dear


Johnny Lee Sears Jr

The tears will begin to rain
As we mend to heal the pain


Charl Lacorte

The thread of acceptance and maturity
allow me to regain the person
I am used to be.


Josh Icarus Butcher

Sometimes, the only one
to heal your broken heart,
is you.


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