We Measure Life ’til Death

We Measure Life 'til Death
Mie-Mai Chiem


We Measure
’til Death


Rajeev K Singh

Happy and smiling slowly I grow,
No remorse & no pain to show.
Life will come to end one day,
Let’s make it count in every way.


Rinku Shah


Growing up is a trap,
One year less on your life map.
Adulthood is a mirage,
Bills, responsibilities and stress, 
all in a camouflage!




We can’t stop from growing old. 
Death is inevitable. 
But we could stay young at heart. 
And life’s essence is fully felt 
when we master this art.
Jaishree Venkat


We all wanted to grow up 
fast in childhood 
but never understood 
the traps of adulthood. 
Live life each day 
as its not going to happen 
again in this lifetime 
Sherry Greene


We were innocent children
Hungry to grow up
To do what we want
But we weren’t future aware
All those perils lying ahead!


Rinku Shah


Growing up is not a race
Enjoy each stage at your pace!


Sherry Reid Morgan


At the end of childhood
the burdens and stresses
of adulthood
awaits like a noose

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