We Are Careless With Genuine People

We are careless with genuine people because we know that they will always be there unconditionally loving us. No matter what we do, we know we cannot fall from their good graces. So we cast them off and push them aside until there is a pull on something we need from them. That connection can never be severed. Even though we may not show them how much they mean to us, because we ourselves don’t even acknowledge it. Even when we’ve taken them for granted, they will still always be there with a smile like they mean it, because they do. These precious souls are the unsung heroes, the weirdos, and the ones we banish to the edge of the woods. But unlike the little red hen, when you come to them they will always share their bread. And that is what keeps humanity from starvation.

Stacie Martin

image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/_tfFjSyIUZY


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