We Are All Working On Ourselves

We Are All Working On Ourselves
Elsie Lynch

We are all working
on ourselves,
please be patient
while we find
where all the pieces go.

Deanna Wilkinson

Loving you left me in pieces.
Not sure where to even begin
putting myself back together again.
Your love destroyed
my thoughts and heart.

Rejean Mayer

Puzzling how sometimes
life goes to pieces.

Severina Afrodita

Although I look nearly whole,
my heart and my mind
are not feeding my soul,
because in their place
there’s nothing, you see,
they’re scattered somewhere,
they’re not part of me!
I’ll find the strength
to make myself whole.
To claim back the pieces of me
that were stolen!

Severina Afrodita

Here’s where I find myself today
tired and lonesome,
I don’t look Ok.
There’s pieces of me missing,
spread on the floor,
I’m too weary to put them back
where they belong.
I can almost touch the person I was.
My eyes are sad
because that person is lost.

Sarrvesh Waran

I am just scattering into pieces of puzzle.
Will be hard to join them together with me.
But the pieces, as I see them
in fragments before me,
I know that they
no longer resemble me.
I have changed.
I am not the same me, you see.
That’s why even my scattered pieces
seem alien to me.
The pieces won’t fit with me just like that.
My heart won’t fit into place just like that.
I am not the same girl I was before.
These scattered won’t fit with me anymore.

Leah Goodman

People are complex puzzles
made of complex pieces.
The pieces will rearrange many times
before you get the picture
in a place that you feel is right.
It’s okay to feel broken
when you are trying to figure out
where the pieces fit.
All of the pieces
will still be there waiting
until you are ready to start trying
to put them back together again.

Debra Pry

She was broken,
but had the strength
to put her life back together.
Piece by piece
she became whole again.

Kimberly Owens

Sitting here in pieces on the ground.
No hope, love or help to be found.
Once your heart is shattered.
The brain is scattered.

Samuel Jones

Shattered as I am,
of pieces on the floor,
I struggle to yet find,
the pieces to my core,
for its when I learn the pattern,
to how I came to be,
the functions of my person,
that happens to be me

Sulekha Pande

In the pursuit of earning points,
and winning people,
here I sit in the rubble of me,
people came, people went,
taking advantage of me,
I sit scattered and lost,
lost my mind and lost my heart.

Karthik Parthasarathy

The various puzzle pieces,
The ones to complete me,
All lying around,
Scattered and spread.
Heart and brain,
Not yet formed,
Anyone who can help,
I will owe you, life long.

Evalagne Tayaotao

Falling to pieces.

Rinku Shah

Falling apart,
Ripped heart.
Tired.. of holding up
Of never giving up
In pain I yelp,
“I need help!”

Kate Quarry

No-one to put me
back together!

Xocol Ocetlotl

Your life is a puzzle
that only you can solve.

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