Watch Your Cash Flow!

Watch Your Cash Flow!
Rinku Shah 

Watch your cash flow!
Quick to come in and savings grow
Fast to leave and income is slow
You need to know.
Plan well to run the show!

Sunny Marie

Slow to be earned,
Quick to be spent.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Comes in like a tortoise,
Goes out like a hare,
Comes in with all fan fare,
Goes out without a noise.
The story of every single note,
Green money, the world over.

Rinku Shah 

Slow and steady wins the race,
Is an outdated tale.
You have to keep up your pace,
This balancing act you can’t fail.
Slow to come in 

and slower to go out,
Will never leave your wallet 

in a drought!

Anindya J Ganguly 

Money comes, money goes
In a pawning pace of its own
Pawing trails of tepid tones
Painted in green & yellow
I am left to muse & ponder
Why money comes,
Where money goes?

Debra L Laing 

My interest in you may appear to be slow. 
But once you spend your attention on me, 
my love will hasten to the finish line 
like the proverbial hare.

Nayana Kulkarni 

Penny in
Pound to go
Wallet seems to drain out in a row
Tortoise walk at inflow
Hare run at outflow
Slow to rise fast to blow
This is life, that’s all I know.

Sulekha Pande 

Hard to come,
easy to go,
in come the tortoises,
out the hares flow

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