Which of The 4 Faces Attracts You? Know Your Type With Viral Face Attractive Test


Viral Face Attractive Test: Which of The Faces Attracts You?

Have you taken the face attractive test that’s trending? It’s all over the internet! And guess what? It’s backed by a study that connects personality types with what we find physically appealing.

This was started by a Cornell psychology PhD student, Mary Ross, who posted it on TikTok and it went viral.

The best part is that they show you most attractive faces and ask you to pick which one you’d date.

It’s crazy how this simple face personality test has got everyone talking. It looks into our subconscious and finds out who we desire the most!

Check it out and see which face is more attractive – who knows it might say something about your dating preferences!

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Viral Face Attractive Test: Which Face Is More Attractive?

Face Attractive Test
Which Of The 4 Faces Attracts You? Know Your Type With Viral Face Attractive Test

If you’re drawn to Face A…

face attractive test
Which Of The 4 Faces Attracts You? Know Your Type With Viral Face Attractive Test

You’re likely seeking a laid-back, open-minded partner who can adapt easily. You value someone who enjoys spontaneous adventures and is open to trying new things without hesitation. For example, you might appreciate a partner who suggests a last-minute road trip or is eager to explore different cuisines with you.

If Face B Catches Your Eye…

face attractive test
Which Of The 4 Faces Attracts You? Know Your Type With Viral Face Attractive Test

You’re attracted to decisiveness and authority. You admire a partner who can confidently make decisions and take charge when needed. Perhaps you’re drawn to someone who shows strong leadership skills in their career or can confidently lead a group on a challenging hike.

If You Pick Face C…

face attractive test
Which Of The 4 Faces Attracts You? Know Your Type With Viral Face Attractive Test

It represents qualities like shyness, sensitivity, and trustworthiness. And you desire these traits. You seek a partner who is reliable, and capable of providing emotional support and understanding. You might value a partner who listens attentively and genuinely cares about your well-being.

If You’re Interested Face D

face attractive test
Which Of The 4 Faces Attracts You? Know Your Type With Viral Face Attractive Test

Then you’re looking for self-confidence, assertiveness, and directness. You admire partners who are strong and capable of facing challenges head-on.

You might be attracted to someone who stands up for themselves or others, and confidently expresses their opinions, whether it’s in a business negotiation or advocating for things they believe in.

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So, this was the face personality test, what do you think about the results? Did you find the personality you desire the most? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

face attractive test
Which Of The 4 Faces Attracts You? Know Your Type With Viral Face Attractive Test

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