Together We Can Heal The Wounds Inflicted On Us

Together we can heal the wounds inflicted on us.
Farha Jilani


Together we can heal 
the wounds inflicted on us.
Nancy Shurkoff


Individually, we are broken and battered,
but together,
TOGETHER, we are stronger than stone.


Karthik Parthasarathy


Hurt hearts heal together,
Suffering souls stay together,
Those who think they are beyond salvage,
Bond together to get over the damage.
The nature of human beings,
Helping humanity survive,
In times of discrimination and destruction.


Karthik Parthasarathy



We are hurt,
We are damaged,
Yet we will survive together,
Not out of the love we have,
But the one we will find together.
Lets explore life, Bit by bit.


Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


Strong is our bond
Strong is our will
Strong is our faith
Strong is our love
When life is fading 
out of you and I, 
I would cling on believing 
in what we share.
Till eternity!
Debra Pry


Love is an unconditional bond 
between two imperfect people. 
Jean S. Morgan


Falling apart but still holding on


Johnny Lee Sears Jr


I can weather any storm with one hand,
as long as you never let go of the other.


Barbara Bauer


We belong together.
I will help fix you if you help fix me.


Sangha Manandhar


Together we embrace forces, gladly


Tanu Malhotra


The world may make
all attempts to break us apart,
but in heart and in soul we are one, never can be pulled apart.



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