Time Rent


There’s a gift that you’ve been given
A free will found within us all
If denied our choice, chosen living
You deny yourself of yours

What we give shall return right too us
Peace and freedom seeking wars
Without money can you imagine
What the fear of greed endures

Where values are devalued
By the score upon the scores
Consumed by consumerism
Are your forevers … anymore’s?

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Ok … So yesterday’s tomorrow is here. It’s now again. Did you bring your baggage? Did you bring yourself? Are you feeling tired? Or are you wired? Inspired to share your love and smile? Have you ever heard of the reference that rent is “dead money”? Yes, well perhaps that’s because it’s not going toward the person suggesting it. It’s strange how the receivers of our rent nevermind, or is it?

Fact: All love, time and money is rented. No, you may argue but hear me out. To rent is to consent to pay someone for the use of something. Do you not choose who you give either of your three currencies too? Are you not renting yourself to improve the wellbeing of others in the hope they’ll consent and return the same to you and others? Does what go around come around? And as you awaken upon this new dawn, are you consenting to what you want to receive or tolerating conditions imposed upon you by others free will that doesn’t align with your God given free will?

Time is rented. How will you use it?Every second spent is “dead time” yet if you can appreciate duality you will accept time is alive and well right now. Will you feed fear? Will you feed ego? Or will you be creative?

The world as you perceive it will always be exactly as you believe. There are no right and wrong answers. What you choose just simply is. Love, Time and Money can not be wasted because they are as infinite as the universe. You are infinitely a part of this same universe. Life goes on with or without you no matter how important or insignificant you may feel.

Compassion is a virtue that intuitively each of us can choose to uphold and find balance between the fear and ego driven extremities that confront us each and every moment. Spend your rent wisely by your measure and not anybody else’s anymore. For if you allow your virtues to be compromised, are you you or are you them?Choose now.

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