Time: Friend Or Foe?

Time: Friend Or Foe?

When it comes to time, you can’t really decide what you feel towards it. Love, hatred, or both? 

Let’s take things a bit slow (  as time would surely suggest! ). The very first moment you ever thought about time, was when you were affected by it. Before that, you didn’t even have to think about time, because you didn’t have to. Must have been pretty happy times before that unknown pressure but can we recall them (all)?

It seemed that time collaborated perfectly with all of our fears and anxiety, from day-to-day stuff to existential issues. What I mean is that, when you think about it carefully, your whole life is surrounded by a clock. So basically, pointers and numbers have the power to rule our entire existence. That’s the overall picture, which sounds outrangingly true.

The initial purpose was not to give time more power than it already has by default. Something had to be done, so that chaos would not inevitably rule. People in general, respond well to limits. It helps them when they have an end point in mind, that way they can arrange their day, plans, activities based on priority or preference and still have time to rest in order to function properly.

So far so good, right? Is it though? Centuries passed by and responsibilities started to grow as modern life would evolve in an unexpected, fast pace. We’d then struggle with time, complaining that we don’t have enough to do the things we want to or have to, because, responsibilities grew but time remained the same. Stress and anxiety took over and the weirdest thing is, we came to treat them as something ”natural” since we pretty much had to get used to them.

My lovely time, my notoriously nefarious God, I secretly love hating you and I hate loving you. For all those things you blessed me with and all the others you chose that I had to do without. Your magic capacity and your love child, ”timing” made me avoid wearing watches, to subconsciously nullify your existence…

People who have a complicated relationship with time are the most beautiful mess you’ll ever meet. They know that time is an easy target, to blame or praise. Blame, yes. Why is it that every time we spend time with the ones we love or doing the things we love, time seems to be in a rush? Why couldn’t we have a certain desired outcome in a situation because ”timing” was not right? Praise, yes. Because time can heal wounds that anyone or anything else can. Time; the healer and the killer.

Is there an ideal relationship we can have with time? Maybe. If we really see what’s behind that relationship. Who has the actual power? Pointers and numbers, or the hand that put batteries inside it in order to work? We are the ones with the power, no matter how conveniently poetic that sounds. You have the power to treat time as you please, to YOUR advantage. Of course, you don’t always have power over it, but you always have power over you. Just remember, Batman wouldn’t be so popular without the Joker. One can exist without the other, with little to no meaning.

There are situations that don’t need a winner, but balance. Balance between two forces that are not meant to prevail but rather, peacefully co-exist.

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